Monday, January 2, 2012

Twenty Herbs of study for my apprenticeship

Sarah had us choose  20 herbs that we wanted to learn about in this apprenticeship, and to identify 1 as our herbal ally. The following list are the 20 herbs that I have chosen. We were asked to give their common name along with their latin names so that we could better learn down the road, as some people refer to an herb in one way or the other.
Common name                    Scientific name

1. dandelion                                        Taraxacum officinale ( herbal ally)
2. motherwort                                      Leonurus cardiaca
3. marshmallow                                  Althea officinalis
4. calendula                                        Calendula officinalis
5. violet                                              Viola odorata
6. saint john's wort                             Hypericum perforatum
7. rose                                                Rosa damascena, Rosa gallica, Rosa rugosa
8. self heal                                         Prunella vulgaris
9. lavender                                        Lavandula angustifolia
10. evening of primrose                   Oenothera biennis
11. elder                                           Sambucus nigra
12. rosemary                                    Rosmarinus officinalis
13. bergomont                                  Monarda didyma
14. yarrow                                       Achillea millefolium
15. burdock                                     Arctium lappa
16. mullein                                     Verbascum thapsus
17. nettle                                         Urtica dioica

18. milkthistle                                Carduus marianus
19. oatstraw                                   Avena sativa

20. coneflower                               Echinacea purpurea


  1. This is going to be such fun! We have chosen 12 of the same herbs, so that will be fun to work together with. It will be equally as fun to read about each others experiences with the ones we don't have chosen in common! what an interesting and active year we will have!!!!!! xxxx

  2. Hello TMR, Great blog. Looking forward very much to this Herbal voyage of discovery. Together we will all learn so much. Your list is fascinating. Think it may be a good idea to copy & paste everyone else's 20 herbs too to keep on file for reference !! :) Lovely to meet you.